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HUP "leaking" integration

An error was identified in the calculation of error rates by the HUP tool. The bug caused error rates to increase by "leaking" from a preceding device column into the subsequent column. This effect occurred under the following circumstances below. 1) The calculation has to use Weibull parameters for multiple columns 2) There has to be a particular type of integration error in the following device column that results in the leak 3) The error rate of a preceding device column has to be much larger than the subsequent column to make the effect noticeable The bug was located and a patch was applied to the HUP tool to eliminate the error. However, caution should still be applied when supplying cross sections with extremely large or small values. Datasets with very large SEU cross sections probably do not represent a single sensitive volume. Similarly, datasets with very small SEU cross sections are likely driven by nuclear interactions or are a result of intentional circuit redundancy.

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