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Patch to TRANS

A patch to CREME96 TRANS was applied today in order to fix a bug preventing the module from transporting through shielding thicknesses below 29 mils aluminum.

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Site Move

The CREME site has been transferred to a new server. Small numerical differences in floating point arithmetic can occur between different hardware architectures. This is expected when repeating previous calculations. However, please report any other issues.

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HUP "leaking" integration

An error was identified in the calculation of error rates by the HUP tool. The bug caused error rates to increase by "leaking" from a preceding device column into the subsequent column. This effect occurred under the following circumstances below. 1) The calculation has to use Weibull parameters for multiple columns 2) There has to be a particular type of integration error in the following device column that results in the leak 3) The error rate of a preceding device column has to be much larger than the subsequent column to make the effect noticeable The bug was located and a patch was applied to the HUP tool to eliminate the error. However, caution should still be applied when supplying cross sections with extremely large or small values. Datasets with very large SEU cross sections probably do not represent a single sensitive volume. Similarly, datasets with very small SEU cross sections are likely driven by nuclear interactions or are a result of intentional circuit redundancy.

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Shellshock vulnerability

The website was patched on September 25, 2014 in response to the 'Shellshock' vulnerability CVE-2014-6271 and again on September 26, 2014 in response to CVE-2014-7169.

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Notice about "Heartbleed" SSL/TLS bug

We tested our site for vulnerability to this bug (CVE-2014-0160) and we are not affected.

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The Monte Carlo simulations have been updated to extend the energy range of histograms to 1 GeV and enable indium and nickel as available materials. Although energy deposition events up to 1 GeV will be recorded, the plots will only be displayed up to 100 MeV. The full data sets can be retrieved by downloading the Grace (agr) or tab-separated-value (tsv) files.

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Site open for production work

We have removed the beta status and agreement on all tools on the web site.

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Site status update

The site has undergone much cleanup recently. Please check out that everything works!

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TSV bug fix

A bug in the code that generates tsv files from FLUX and TRANS output has been corrected. Files that have been downloaded through the tsv generator for these modules may have incorrectly aligned the energy and flux values. This is most likely to have occurred if a geomagnetic transmission function has been specified. Native .flx and .tfx and .agr files were not affected. If you have generated similar data, please regenerate the files. Our apologies.

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User Groups

Our site is capable of creating groups of users.

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Bulk upload of files

We are working on a tool to allow easy uploading of your important files to the site. If you want to be tester, contact us.

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Plotting Creme96 Data Files

We have changed the way we handle Creme96 plotting

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