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Plotting Creme96 Data Files

We have changed the way we handle Creme96 plotting

The behavior of the CRÈME-MC site with respect to generation of graphics files from 'Flux' and "Trans' has been changed. These files tend to be huge, if many elements are included in the spectrum, and the alternative data formats (Grace and PDF) are also huge.  Rather than tie up all the space in the database with files you may never use, we now generate these on-demand.  When you execute 'Flux' or 'Trans', you will be taken to a graphics preview window, where you will have an opportunity to download the graphics.  If you do not download them at that time, you can regenerate them.


To use this feature, click on a Flux, Trans, Gtran, or Trp file and then, under the 'actions' menu (which appears on the right-hand side of the greenish menu bar you should see), select 'plot data' and, after a short wait, you will see the same preview window with opportunities for downloading the plots that was presented when the file was generated.  You can also use this to plot files you have uploaded to the site.
Note: The results of the plotting operation (which is a bit slow... takes about 10 seconds), are cached for 100 days after you generate the plot.  Thus, after the first time, the graphs should appear nearly instantaneously.  Eventually, the graphs will get kicked out of the cache, and will then be regenerated the next time they are needed.
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