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Frequently Asked Questions

The following topics are a compilation of questions received from users and the respective answers. It is not part of the official documentation, but can in many cases, help you use the site.

Page Cannot Enter "my folder"
Why do I see a file instead of folder contents when I click on "my folder"?
Page CREME96 File Formats
Can I use my own flux spectra? What is the file format?
Are there any APIs to use CREME from a script?
Page Strange cuttoff in ion flux spectrum
I have been trying to set up some environments using the CRÈME tool, and I'm seeing some strange results for the GCR heavy ion flux. Specifically, there seems to be some sort of asymptote forming around an energy of around 200 MeV. I attempted to vary the altitude by 10 km in either direction, and also tried varying the inclination by a degree or two to see if this is a glitch of some sort, but that odd feature is not going away. Is it an actual physical effect, or is it some artifact/oddity of the models?
Page Constructing structures using CREME-MC stacks
I would like to create FinFET structures using CREME-MC layer stacking method, but it seems that CREME-MC tools do not allow horizontally interleaved layers of different materials. The current CREME-MC appears to work for only vertical variation (thickness) of device materials. Do you have any suggestions/recommendations on how to vary stack materials horizontally? For example, if I wanted to have three adjacent layers of oxide -- silicon -- oxide as one stack, CREME-MC would not let me do that. It defaults the sidewall materials (for example, the oxide in the above-mentioned example) to Silicon.
Page Downloading CREME
I am interested in downloading the CREME tool onto my machine and running CREME directly from my machine as opposed to running the tool from the website's portal and downloading the results. Is there a downloadable version of the tool?
Page Left portlet not visible
I am attempting to get situated with CREME96, however as I going through the tutorial I was unable to continue much farther through the test line as I wasn't able to find the "Left Portlet" that holds all of the tools. I am not sure if I am missing something or if there is an error somewhere.
Page Insufficient privileges
I am receiving an 'Insufficient Privileges' notice when trying to access my member area to run the tools.
Page Able to view someone else's files
I just signed up for an account, and when I went to my home directory, I had files from another person's account.
Page Table of cross section values
In the PUP routine for CREME96, I noticed the option of entering a table of cross section data for corresponding proton energy "a file containing a two-column table". I was curious if you could tell me how the SEE rates are then calculated ? Is a Bendel 1-parameter fit or Bendel 2-parameter fit used to determine the SEE rate?
Page What is a bit as specified in HUP and PUP calculations?
I’m wondering if WebDAV is currently working
Page Single Event Latchup Estimations
I am trying to determinate SELs due to Heavy Ions for a microcontroller. I have some problem with this calculation because the values are too big.
Page CREME-MC Calorimetry Histogram
I want to use the count of energy deposited to calculate the cross section of the SEU upset, but I am confused by the counts. I think it should be the integer, but it is not. So why the count can be 0.00X format?
Page FLUX and TRANS spectra
Is it possible to have integral fluxes instead of differential ones in the FLUX and TRANS outputs?
Page Weibull fit
I'd like to know how I could get the weibull parameters from some pairs of values [x,F(x)] obtained from a real test with heavy ions.
Page Licensing Software
I would like a license to use the tools such as MRED.
Page Upload custom file
Are you able to tell me how we could upload our own *.let file as the browse function only allows me to select *.let files which have been created with CREME96 LETSPEC module?
Page Trajectories
CREME works great for orbits, but for us it would be really be useful for trajectories. Is there any such function in CREME? Do you have any ideas how to accomplish such a task in the tool as it is?
Page CREME produces Error 1442519840....
Page GTRN silently fails
I was using the GTRN routine for a polar orbit inclined at 98 degrees. I specified the output name and hit the submit button. After about 10 seconds, I received a message the file was created, but it is not in my directory. When I run the flux routine, it cannot find the *.gtf file that was just created.
Page Particle Shielding
Aside from the TRANS module that allows you to calculate particle energies and fluxes after passing through aluminum, what other shielding effects are considered in the CREME96 code? From information available on the website, it appears the GTRN evaluates, at the specific orbit parameters, the geomagnetic shielding effects. Are there any other shielding effects considered e.g. Earth's atmosphere?
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