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Bulk upload of files

We are working on a tool to allow easy uploading of your important files to the site. If you want to be tester, contact us.

The Crème-MC site is capable of executing XML-RPC requests.  We have written a small python program which uses these to upload files.  If you have access to the python language (it is available by default on almost all Unix/Linux flavors, including MacOSX, and can be downloaded for Windows from the main Python site  or from ActiveState), you can run this convenient script.

It is still in the testing phase, but if you want to try it out, we can email a copy to you.  If it works out well, we will post it on the site for general access.  It currently is capable of uploading files, even if you have a proxy you need to go through.  The proxy feature is the most experimental part.  The file uploading uses an SSL connection, just like regular access to the site, so your transfer is secure.

Contact us 

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